Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Wet Set Curls

In today's world of hairdryers, flat irons, curling irons and heated rollers it seems like most women have forgotten that before that technology existed you could get plenty of curl with a wet set.

Now let me start by saying I have bone straight hair, no curl, no wave to it, nothing. I could not get curls to stay in my hair for the life of me. I would curl my whole head with the curling iron and within an hour no matter what products I did or didn't use most of the curl would be gone.

Then I discovered wet set curls. Which are not only better for hair, since you don't have to use heat, they actually last..ALL day!

So yesterday I sprayed my hair with a little bit of water, and rolled in the sponge curlers. I got mine at Wal-Mart, but I know some dollar stores carry them too, they're pretty cheap and really quite easy to use.

It's kind of funny the reactions I get at work when I do this, I guess because it's normally so straight and the curls come out quite nice that I get them. I wore this red sweater dress today, that I've worn plenty of times before. No one ever really said anything about it. But today I wore the red sweater with curled hair and all of a sudden my outfit is awesome?!

I've used a couple of different methods on my hair to see what results I'd get. I've used bobbie pins and you roll up your hair with your fingers and pin them in and I've also used rag curlers. There a lots of great videos on YouTube if you're interested in learning. It's how I learned, try searching "Pin Curls" or "Rag Curlers" and you should find plenty of results.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Review - Eminence Organics Tomato Oil Control Gel

I guess to start off my first review I will the questions that I would ask someone else if I was interested in a product they were using.

How long have I been using it?

I'm halfway through the bottle and I had a travel size of this before it just to try so I've probably been using it for more than six months.

How does it preform?

I love it! I actually don't need to use a ton of it a quick pump or two is all I need. It's great for my oily skin and it keeps the shine at bay for me. It's very light weight and I have no problem putting it on over any break outs. I tend to break out every now and then and my skin can be really sensitive to new products, but I have never felt this has ever contributed to any break outs I had. It also smells lovely. I had held off on buying it before because I thought "Tomato? That can't smell good". But it does, it's smells great, it smells like lavender to me and it's not strong, once I put it on and then put my makeup over it I can't smell it anymore.


Comes in a pump glass bottle. I like that it's glass, with all the issues with possible toxins in plastics I like to know it's glass and it can be easily recycled. I like that it's a pump so I don't have to stick my fingers in the jar. Most of Eminence's other moisturizers come in a pot/jar container and to me that always makes me think bacteria can get in easier because who know what's on your hands..although I do have to hand it to them though every one of their pots come with a little spatula so you don't have to stick your fingers in the jar.

How long does it last?

It doesn't look like it will last long, I'm halfway through the thing and I've only had it a couple months. But that really is my own fault, it's not like you have to use a lot it's just that I apply it like 3 times a day. Once in the morning, then after I go to the gym at lunch, then before bed. With the price tag it can get expensive, but to me it's worth it because I love this stuff.

Where do I get it?

I buy this at a local salon that carries it. You can contact Eminence through their website to find retailers near you. There are also a few websites that carry it, I have not shopped at either but you can take a look Here (Canada) or Here (USA)


Tomato Juice, Glycerine, Hydroxy-ethyl Cellulose, Hawthorn Berry, Odorless Garlic, Field Pumpkin, Sea Buckthorn Berry, Sorrel, Jojoba Oil, Biotin, Zinc Sulfate, Lavender, Vitamin, B3, B5, C, Benzoic Acid, Sorbic Acid.

Any other thing you want to know? Just drop me a comment :)

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Daily Regime

I'd thought I'd start of by listing the products that I currently use on a daily basis.

First off I get into the shower and wash my face. Currently I'm using Eminence Clear Skin Probiotic Cleanser I tend to break out really easily but right now my skin is better than it's been in a long time, I don't know if that's from this cleanser or if it's something else, but I do really like this one. Great for my more oily skin.

Then I wash with Lush's Angel's Delight soap, which I don't really love, but I bought a bunch of soap from Lush at Christmas time and I'm stuck using it until it's gone. I really want to switch to something that has less ingredients that I can't pronounce and more moisturizing.

My Current shampoo is Rosemary Mint Shampoo Bar from Saltspring Soapworks, a local Canadian company that hand makes everything. I do really like their products and I loved this shampoo when I first started using it quite a white ago but I think I'll be ready for a change after it's gone.

On a regular day that's all I have time for in the morning I get up about 30 minutes before I leave for work so I have to squeeze in what I can. Once I'm out of the shower I use Tomato Oil Control Gel on my face and a cover that with Sun Defense Minerals both from Eminence Organics. Then I spray a little Eminence Stone Crop toner to set it.

My current regime is missing a lot, I would like to find a more moisturizing soap and a body lotion or oil that is quick and easy to apply and doesn't take forever to absorb. Hopefully I can try a few products in the next little while and add new ones to my roster.